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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What I'm working on now

It has been a really exciting year and a half. I feel so fortunate to have met so many nice folks who appreciate my work and are artists them selves. This June I'm celebrating my year anniversary working with the Gits (June 12th) and maintaining their website I've also been running The Gits Online Store, sending out everything from apparel to vinyl records. It's been a really fun experience so far. Through the Gits I met Mike Millet from Broken Rekids and was hired to re-create his site. Steve Moriarty of the Gits, whose a psychotherapist, had me build his Justherapy website. We have a couple more websites and exciting projects in the works! Check out more websites I made.

This Spring I started working with Pedal Panties and I'm feeling really good about it. I've been having a fun time creating and collaborating with the business owner. It's nice to be valued, and work with another female entrepreneur. Recently I finished the Photo Gallery for my website. All of my pictures can finally be found in one place. I have added a few new pages to the site recently. I also made a Site Map for easy navigation Check out more projects I've done.

Lately things have been happening on our facebook page, lots of creating and sharing  Rock Memes and having interesting music discussions. This summer I started a grass roots style campaign to advertise my website and web work. There has been a lot of positive reception, but there is always one person who has a problem.

 Recently a neighbor of mine claimed I had "vandalized' the neighborhood with my index card style signs. (Read my blog about it) Saying I "taped them up heavily"-- by that I suppose she meant 1 to 2 (sometimes 3 Oh Gawd!) pieces of regular clear tape. I had a moment of guilt, thinking I may have posted too many. Upon walking around my town I was able to recall where I had them. All I can say is this individual greatly over exaggerated. On the upside, she provided me with a good hardy laugh. She complained I was contributing to the "graffiti problem in Emeryville" but only tore down my postings...and not *any* of the others. Clearly it's personal and it's just one of those things. Some folks have no life, and insignificant things get under their skin. Except for this one curmudgeonly person I have gotten positive feedback and encouraging responses from people. The irony is, and since she was an older woman she should know me attention the way she was will only get people talking. I also suggest that woman look up the definition of "graffiti" and "vandalism." She would probably complain about a mural being painted near her bus stop...declaring it as a public eyesore.

My grass roots campaign will continue this summer!

Summer time seems to be the hottest time for me to see live shows. I also plan to start working with another band or two this Summer, doing web development and promotion. I will continue to blog this Summer about all the concerts and things that are happening. I can't wait to go out and see local bands on the weekend. Live music lifts my spirits. Been able to dabble in some graphic design lately, creating fun things like this...


I'm going to be adding some "special pages" kind of like Easter eggs with special graphics and surprises. More details on that to come!

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