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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Join our rock n roll tattoo community!

What was your first tattoo? Are you now covered in ink? I've always appreciated the art and beauty of well done tattoos. I vowed from the beginning to only get quality work done of things that really matter to me. 2006 I got my first tattoo, I currently have more and plan to gradually get more over the course of my life. Meeting another person with ink automatically gives you common ground, even if you disagree on everything else. Every tattoo has a story, every tattoo is personal. This has been shown in reality shows on TV, and documentaries; the story and meaning of tattoos. The thing that matters most to me is music, and my ink reflects that.

Pictured above are 2 of my favorite most cherished tattoos (out of 4). They are both portraits, one of David Bowie, the ther Joey Ramone both by the same artist in Berkeley.

Tattoo You: Rock Tattoos Page

If you have a rock themed tattoo and would like it share it on our page, email me a picture and your name and short description of your tattoo. 

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