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Sunday, August 18, 2013

NEW logo for Bite The Dust!

 After kicking around ideas and doodling in my composition journal for at least a year, I have found a logo that I have conceptualized, designed and like. has been around for 10+ years and I ever came with up an official logo. After a LOT of thought and bouncing ideas off of everyday I finally came up with something.

Bite The Dust logo history

Elvis-Jesus, The very first Bite The Dust logo from 2003.

Jimi Hendrix zombie logo from 2010, drawing by Miguel Aguilar.

This one was the un-official logo for 2 years.
It features Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Joey Ramone, Davy Jones and Joan Jett.
* This logo was pretty good, but the problem is it has other people's images in it. So I knew there would understandably be trademark issues.

BTD Kid 2013

Introducing "BTD kid" 

I created a simple, gender-ambiguous character in a rock and roll shirt with head phones, using the bic lighter to symbolize carrying the torch. BTD kid changes outfits, I made alternate ones of them in glam, punk, and more. I put the bass guitar on the t-shirt as a nod to the killer bass in the Queen song "Another one bites the dust." On September 23rd 2013, the BTD Logo was officially trademarked. I will still use the rock star faces I illustrated sometimes, but this is the official logo for Bite The Dust. 

The original doodles.
Final concept.

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