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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

That's NOT Joey Ramone

Photos and footage that people have thought it was Joey Ramone, but is not

Joey Ramone's brother Mickey Leigh is active on social media (facebook). Fairly often he seems to be answering questions  about him and Joey; largely ones looking for authentication of Joey photos. 

Not Joey Ramone #1

This picture ^ is not of Joey Ramone but has been labeled and shared incorrectly as being a young photo of him.
Here is the link to Mickey saying it's not a picture of Joey.

Not Joey Ramone #2

 I found this video while browsing through the message boards of Holly crap! That looks JUST like Joey Ramone! I was sold that it was, until I read this:
"Wow, it's a doppelganger!! If that's Joey, then who was that guy in the bed across from me in our bedroom? That is really weird. I had to look at that clip like 20 times, until I could freeze it on frames where I could see the glasses the guy was wearing , which were more square shaped (Joey never wore glasses like that) as well as see a difference in his mouth and nose. I had to do that, even though I knew he was never in England in '69, because the resemblance was so astonishing. My mother agreed with me that it couldn't be Joey as he didn't even have a passport at that time. He had just gotten his draft card though. Well they say we all have one somewhere. Feel free, anyone, to inform the Wikipedia people that Joey's family confirmed, right here, that it is not him."

 OK, Mickey Leigh (Joey's brother) and mom say it's not him. Wikipedia was wrong (it happens)! To me the real give away that it can't be him is his height. Joey was 6'5" that guy looks to be no taller than 5'10" in comparison to the guys in the back ground.

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