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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Wont get fooled again: Photo-shopped Rock Photos

 Since I began making websites I also began my journey on learning graphic programs to create images. In the beginning I had no money or much knowledge but I found my way before long. I started to learn Photoshop and finally went to school for graphic design in 2011. That solidified my knowledge and gave me affordable access to the programs I needed. One of my favorite things to do to pass the time is the listen to music and make graphics in Photoshop. 

 I rarely focus on things like changing existing photos. I do more of creating something entirely new. Over my time of using photoshop my eye became more keen on repeating patterns and inconsistencies. Although I learned a lot and came a long way...I have definitely been fooled. 

"Bowie and Iggy"

This one got me good. I guess when I saw this picture it just made sense and I believed it. Before long I was pointed out for being incorrect about this picture. Then I finally saw the original...


"Bowie and Mick with a lock n' key"

More wishful thinking! I saw this image and was swept up in emotion without seeing how sadly fake it was. One of the big giveaways is the gray line that goes into Bowie's face. Not to mention the shine on the locket. 

"Joey Ramone with short hair and a suit"

At first glance I went "Woa" but it didn't take but a few seconds to go "This doesn't seem right." The first giveaway is the nonsensical NBC logo. Second, the hair line is phony looking and the suit just doesn't make sense. Thankfully one of the great things about social media these days is the ability to verify images one way or another pretty quickly. Joey Ramone's brother is active on social media and seems to be clarifying if a picture was of his brother or a doppelganger most of the time. This is another photo he has been able to clear up: it's a doctored image.

"John Lennon Plays Guitar for Spock/Elvis?"

Although I think anyone would be able to see and figure out this is incredibly fake, many fell for it. First of all, any obsessed Beatles fan has looked at Beatles pictures and knows their classic shots by heart. Not only that, any trained eye can see the thin white line around Spock. This photograph was also manipulated to add Elvis with John Lennon. Here is the link to Snopes that verifies it is FALSE.

"David Bowie and Tilda Swinton gender swap"

Another gender swapped image with Bowie; this one also fooled me initially. Original image is on the left with the photoshopped one on the right. 


FAKE MEMES EDITION: "Prince is a Republican"

Although Prince being Republican isn't that hard to believe, this meme didn't sit right with me. I looked it up and quickly found out the truth about this meme."We couldn't uncover any record of Prince's uttering this phrase. The quotation (whether from Prince or anyone else) doesn't appear in any reports from major news outlets and appears to have been invented solely for this fictional meme. The quote also doesn't fall in line with Prince's known political views. Like the musician's life and career, Prince became famous by defying definition. Throughout his life he expressed support (and criticism) for a wide range of political and social views." Here is the link to Snopes that verifies it is FALSE.

"Danzig 'thinks you're a horrible mom' (because you have tattoos)"

This graphic is complete and utter bullshit. And that page is bat shit crazy. I hate that things like this exist. I'm just going to treat this as satire!


"Did John Lennon Anticipate the Election of Donald Trump?"

"Did John Lennon Anticipate the Election of Donald Trump?"
Some memes give me a good laugh and this was one of them! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ No mater what your political leanings are, any rock fan will easily be able to point 2 main issues with this graphic. First of all, John Lennon died in 1980, second let's be real...he would have never said that in a Million years! Here is the link to Snopes that verifies it is FALSE.

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