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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Evidence that David Bowie is cool [Updated]

I present to you my evidence that David Bowie is cool in no particular order.

# 1. He's been immortalized in a popular cartoon...

#2. He did a photo shoot with mother fucking WOLVES.

#3. Even his mug shot is sexy.

#4. His style is still mimicked today. 

#5. His friends are awesome.

#6. He was in a Muppet movie (The Labryinth, the Goblin King!)

#7. He collaborates with really awesome artists.

#8. He still manages to get on the cover or Rolling Stone after all these years.

#9. He rocked the drag look.

#10. He shares a birthday with Elvis. 

 #11. He played Nicola Tesla in a movie with Christian Bale.

#12. He nails cover songs old and new!

#13. He manages to stay relevant while being himself.

#14. He's come back more times than Madonna.

I know we can easily add more reasons to this list, contact me if you have more!

1 comment :

camille said...

I love him so much , he is so beautiful <3

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