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Friday, April 27, 2012

"Rock and roll is the answer" music video!

I've been sitting on an idea for the past couple of days on how to pay tribute to Joey Ramone this year for his birthday, along with something that will commemorate his new album coming out. Obviously, I am totally in love with the new song "Rock and roll is the answer." And I think I have come up with the perfect idea. The best part is, it can be from ALL of us!

Deadline: MONDAY MAY 15TH. I want to get together a bunch of video footage of Ramones and Rock and roll fans singing "Rock and roll is the answer" on video. Wear your Ramones or rock and roll shirt, and I will edit them all together into a video tribute for Joey Ramone and post it on Youtube!

If you want to participate, here's what I need from you! PLEASE READ:
  • Send me video footage of yourself and your friends, dressed in your Ramones or rock and roll gear singing "Rock and roll is the answer." Feel free to get creative and air guitar or whatever feels fun. Just think about Joey! The more footage you can give me the better, this gives me more to work with. The whole song would be ideal so I can get the best of us all on the cutting room floor. Show your love for rock and roll and Joey Ramone...because rock and roll IS the answer! 
  • Please have the music playing in the video for me to time the cuts to each person in the song. Try to have it well lit, and wear anything rock or Ramones that you may have. 
  • I will edit out the background noise and singing and just have Joey's song in the video.
  • As far as format goes, any standard format should work. I may be able to convert it if need be. But a WMV file would be best.

I'm going to give every rock and roll fans equal video time. It depends partially on how many submissions I receive. I'm hoping to get together a video tribute from all of us. If you would like to send me your video, please send it to Or check out my Contact page. Please share and Tweet this so we can get as many Ramones fans in on this as possible! The end result will of course be posted for all to see!


"Rock and roll is the answer" music video by Ramones fans for Joey Ramone

Edited by Becca Jones-Starr

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