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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Animated Gifs by Becca JS

Lately I have been scratching things off my "to learn" list. I already knew how to make regular animated gifs, but really wanted to learn to make the kind from video clips. After some Googling, I found out I could do it with Photoshop...and Tada! I have been going crazy making gifs from my ideas and the suggestions of fans on our page. The next things I plan to learn are how to build apps, more about mobile and HTML 5. I also want to edit more audio and video clips for music video creations as an example of my editing skills. 

I am even considering making a Animation Tutorial so you guys can learn to make these gifs too! Is anybody interested? Leave a comment, send me a message!

Check out all the gifs I've made SO FAR!

(list updated often) 

Riff Randell
Ramones magazine
Keith Richards winking
Ian Curtis dancing
Pete Townshend doing the windmiill
Pete Townshend guitar smash
Pete Townshend guitar smash 2
Joey Ramone flipping his hair
Joey Ramone flipping his hair 2
Joey Ramone flipping his hair 3
Iggy Pop falling off stage
Woodstock icon

If you would like me to make you an animated gif (like you see on Tumblr)
send an email to with the
URL of Youtube video
Time stamp (for what parts you want) and
Any Notes
You can also leave a comment here on this blog for a gif request!

Please allow me up to a few days to send you your gif. I try create them asap but sometimes something comes up. Thanks for your patience! 

✔ If you use my graphics I would greatly appreciate you linking to my site. This is so other rock and roll fans can find me and my site!

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