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Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Gits Reunion Show!

The Gits performed their first show in 20+ years this December 4th 2015!
 They performed with Visqueen singer Rachel Flotard for a Benefit For James Atkins.

The show featured: Hammerbox (Carrie and Harris of Hammerbox) // The Gits feat. Rachel Flotard (Of Visqueen) // Selene Vigil (of 7 Year Bitch) // Alcohol Funnycar // Coffin Break, STAG // Gretta Harley at Chop Suey December 4th at 7:00PM. A second show was added for December 5th at 1:30PM.

I wasn't able to make it to Seattle for what I know was an awesome show with cool bands! But I still wanted to put together the pictures, footage and more that I heard and received after the show happened.  

Pictures from the show!

"The only person for the job. And she out performed all expectations."
 - Steve Moriarty 

"Rachel, Matt, Andy and me on drums. The Gits resurrected for a friend. Thanks to everybody who sold it out and the other bands. Rachel was brilliant on vocals." - Steve Moriarty 

Photos by: Shana Restall‎, Hb PatiAndrew Kvenvolden


Videos from the show!

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