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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Mia Zapata "Art, Rock, & Revolution" Bi-lingual Graphic Novel

 A few nights ago (on Mia's birthday August 25th) some friends and I went to the project launch of a Gits and Mia Zapata graphic novel. This is something Steve has been working on for a couple of years and I even I knew very little about it. Thankfully now I know more! "Art, Rock, & Revolution" a Bi-lingual Graphic Novel about the tour adventures of the Gits, life stories with Mia and segments with Mia's ancestor Emiliano Zapata a Mexican revolutionary. 

Drawing of Emiliano Zapata by Pat Moriarity 
 At the event was the project's graphic artist Pat Moriarity, who is incredibly talented and has been in the business literally as long as I've been alive (31 years). Prints of Pat's work and Gits apparel were being sold side by side, along with these custom made drum heads that say "Art Rock Revolution Viva Zapata"

Here is a description of the novel from Steve,
"The primary aim is to reclaim the narrative of Mia's brilliant life and tell true story of the years prior to July 7, 1993. It is a bi-lingual Graphic Novel which is part Biography and part Historical Fiction. It includes an international interactive curriculum for youth in Mexico and the Bay Area.

Too often Mia is vaguely remembered as a victim. "The Tragic Death of a Rising Star", read the headline.
What of the art, music and scene she created; her remarkable family history and her transformative lyrics and universal messages. Her true character and contributions have been eclipsed and warped by the media's thirst to exploit victims of 'sex crimes.'"

Mia and Gits prints for sale at the event. Photo by Dave Holmes
 If you can, please contribute to this graphic novel. For more info go to
Check out the facebook page here!

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