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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Gits Site Changes

  A couple of months ago the first of a few big changes with the Gits site happened. With the
scheduling of the second Gits show came a new wave of energy, and creative lines began to get redrawn. When I first heard about the Gits it was clear that Steve was doing the lions share of the work when it came to keeping the torch lit that is the Gits. While I've always known the other members of the band as supportive, the air of separation was there...and it was thick.

 The Gits website started out as an official website with everything Gits all from the band. In June part of the band wanted to make them as two separate entities; an official site and a fan site.
How Steve explained it in the Gits newsletter: "The interactive site for fans and merch sales and current Gits communiques can be found on the first page, click on the icon FANSITE to visit us and see videos, go in depth into the visual and audio archives and communicate with us or webmaster, Becca and other friends of THE GITS. We will have a new element to our online archive and some distinct content, however, it's all linked. Becca will be there and your comments and insight are welcome."
The Gits Website
The Gits Fan Site - where you can find the Gits Shop

 While in all honesty I feel like this move creates confusion and estrangement within the Gits...I'm hanging on for the ride. I've been getting a lot of questions about the division of sites and wanted to write a short blog about it. 

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