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New Music Video: Coma White Fran Bow

"Coma White Fran Bow" a music video combining game play and a song by Marilyn Manson. 

 After watching a Let's Play with Markiplier playing the "Fran Bow" game I found myself really inspired by it's visuals. The story line was incredible and left me with vivid dreams that night. In my dream Fran Bow game play was paired up with the song "Coma White" by Marilyn Manson and game play by Dat360NoScope.

 The next morning I began editing and a few days later between all the other things going on in life I made this fan music video. This is a fan made music video incorporating game play and music; I do not claim to have any rights over either of them.

UPDATE: I improved and updated this video because like any creative person I found flaws. Music by Marilyn Manson "Coma White" Game play by Dat360NoScope This is a fan made music video incorporating Fran Bow game play and Marilyn Manson's music. I do not claim to have any rights over the music or game, I am just a fan! Blog entry about the video:
Posted by Becca Jones-Starr on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

 Lately I have been fascinated by video game play and lore. I've realized just how much video games have carved out my creative mind, starting with Super NES Mario to PC games in the 90's. It's been a bigger part of my life then I realized until this Let's Play revolution. I have a blog coming soon that will be all about that, so stay tuned!


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