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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Rock Star Deaths and Bic Lighters: The Myth and the Facts

 There are a lot of myths about rock and roll, allow me to clear up one I just discovered! (Thanks to Ashlee). I saw this image on facebook and automatically thought "Wow cool." The screen capture from Tumblr reads... "All these famous, semi-god motherfuckers were all left handed and all died at the age of 27 and all their autopsies reported that a white bic lighter was found in their pockets."

 Sounds neat, right? Only if it were true! A bit of quick research will tell you that bic lighters weren't even around until 1973, and all of those folks (except Kurt) died before 1973. Then there is of course Snopes that verifies this story as false. You can also easily find Kurt Cobain's crime scene photos which show no white bic lighters. According to my research, there is no evidence of *any* of these folks having a white bic lighter on them when they died. 

This story is just that; a story. A classic example of a rock n roll related myth. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

UPDATED: Rock and Roll Almanac

 A few years ago I started the Rock and Roll Almanac which featured detailed lists of rock star birthdays, deaths and other significant anniversaries. It has always been a work in progress and has been updated quite a bit by fellow rock fans in the past. Well I am asking for your help again rockers! It's the end of the year and I'm looking to improve the almanac and update it for the upcoming year.

 Check out's Rock and Roll Almanac and see if there are any birthdays, dates of death or other changes that should be made or added. I've identified a few spelling errors which I also plan to fix. Once the main list is updated I will put together the new version of the PDF printable version of the info on the site.

 If you have any feedback feel free to email me at

 Rock Almanac has been updated!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Halloween Decorating Tips

Halloween is my favorite holiday and the only one I decorate for! I also love doing it 'on the cheap', check out some of my tips and tricks for Halloween decorating.

  • Dollar Stores and Daiso stores are full of useful cheap things that you can use as a decoration or craft project (to make decorations) for Halloween. A lot of times these decorations are on the plain side. But this is good because you can also embellish it on your own to make it great.  
  • But also, spend/invest a bit more money (than dollar store quality) on a few pieces you can reuse year after year. This was one of my best ideas; going to Target and investing in a decorative spooky tree or pumpkin. Good ideas as props to build off of: spooky Halloween trees, decorative pumpkins, skulls, gravestone candles or figurines.
  • If you take care of your Halloween decorations and pack and store them away with care, you can reuse them again and again. Use the tape with a degree of precision so you can more easily peel if off when you put it away. Do not put your Halloween decorations away if they still have tape on them. It will all get stuck together and it's not fun to pry them apart.
  • Get creative by using the things around you that you already have. If you can spare them, you can turn white trash bags into a garland of ghosts. You can also use facial tissue but white trash bags are better. 
  • Use Halloween netting to drape over lamps and light fixtures for an instant Halloween ambiance of a textured pattern reflecting on the walls. Easy and cheap! Cheese cloth also works great too.
  • Hold on to the Halloween cards you receive over the years and use them as part of your Halloween decorations. Not only do they look cool they an happy reminders from clothes and loved ones. 
  • Utilize anything you have that is glow in the dark and put them within your Halloween set up. Think of creative places to put them: like inside pumpkins, behind gravestones, inside skulls. 
  • Put a rainbow drip candle in a skull candle holder and let the candle burn a few inches. It looks awesome and becomes a great center piece. 
  • Pick up some branches that have fallen to the ground a long with some autumn leaves. These make great natural decorations that you can add to what you have. You can paint the branch a glittery black of trim it up to be part of the scenery. Also: dead flowers. 

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