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Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Gits' "Art, Rock, & Revolution" Bi-lingual Graphic Novel

 A few nights ago (on Mia's birthday August 25th) some friends and I went to the project launch of a Gits and Mia Zapata graphic novel. This is something Steve has been working on for a couple of years and I even I knew very little about it. Thankfully now I know more! "Art, Rock, & Revolution" a Bi-lingual Graphic Novel about the tour adventures of the Gits, life stories with Mia and segments with Mia's ancestor Emiliano Zapata a Mexican revolutionary. 

Drawing of Emiliano Zapata by Pat Moriarity 
 At the event was the project's graphic artist Pat Moriarity, who is incredibly talented and has been in the business literally as long as I've been alive (31 years). Prints of Pat's work and Gits apparel were being sold side by side, along with these custom made drum heads that say "Art Rock Revolution Viva Zapata"

Here is a description of the novel from Steve,
"The primary aim is to reclaim the narrative of Mia's brilliant life and tell true story of the years prior to July 7, 1993. It is a bi-lingual Graphic Novel which is part Biography and part Historical Fiction. It includes an international interactive curriculum for youth in Mexico and the Bay Area.

Too often Mia is vaguely remembered as a victim. "The Tragic Death of a Rising Star", read the headline.
What of the art, music and scene she created; her remarkable family history and her transformative lyrics and universal messages. Her true character and contributions have been eclipsed and warped by the media's thirst to exploit victims of 'sex crimes.'"

Mia and Gits prints for sale at the event. Photo by Dave Holmes
 If you can, please contribute to this graphic novel. For more info go to

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Journey through Pinterest Tutorials

The Good...

"Mini Magnet Pies" my absolute favorite and it was probably the most adorable. The bottle crap pies are so real looking too that my friends thought they were edible (LOL!)

"Blingy Coaster" was a fun one to do because of all the placing of the gems. The end result was really pretty. The only thing I'd note about this one is having various sizes of gems is important to get the gems to fit properly within the circle.

"Homemade Candle Tarts From Left Over Wax" This was fun and turned out nicely. I added dried lavender petals and they smell great! This was a great way to use left over wax from scented candles.

"CD/DVD Mosaic" worked well and was a fun one to do. You can really use your imagination on this one when it comes to laying out the pieces.

"Glowing Firefly Jar" worked pretty well. I applied glow in the dark paint in my small ball shapes on the inside and out. It looks awesome at night!

"DIY Glass Bead Candle holder" was a fun tutorial. The only tricky thing was balancing the glass holder when having the slippery glass beads drying on the sides of it.

"Vinyl Record Necklace" I did the same thing in terms of cutting a 45 in half and making it into a necklace. Not to toot my own horn, but mine ended up looking way better than the one pictured.

"Bottle Cap Earrings" was as cool one and bottle caps provide a great base for a ring, earrings, pendant, and more.

The Bad...

"DIY CD Coasters" don't make very good coasters because they are so light weight. I tried to weigh them down with cork and felt, but that didn't help.

"DIY Cork Stamps" didn't seem to evaporate ink very well. Trying to get a good stamp out of it seemed ineffective.

"CD Scratch Board" didn't work very well for me. Even though I was careful to apply a light consistent coat of black paint when I etched it it basically peeled off and looked sloppy. The lines aren't as clean as I was hoping for.

"Bracelet from a vinyl record" didn't work too well for me. It was hard to mold it even with gloves and a rolling pin. The chance to mold it is so brief that I found myself having to heat it up again and again.

The Ugly...

"DIY Melted Bead Crafts" This one was a hilarious learning lesson. If it isn't obvious already *do not to this in your oven inside your house*- It quickly gives off plastic fumes and sets off the smoke detector. The blame is on me because I didn't read the whole tutorial, which says you gotta do this outdoors, NOT indoors.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Horrible Histories: Bridging rock and amusing historical facts

"Better late than never" has become my current attitude on getting more acquainted with history. Recently I discovered a show called "Horrible Histories" that goes over aspects of history that I didn't even know about. I think of my history teacher from Junior High School,who was even more droll than Ben Stein's character in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. His history class was the first time I ever fell asleep in a classroom while class was in session. He was a strict teacher who was very by the book. For all those reasons I really didn't like the class and didn't get the best introduction to history.

 As I became an adult I realized there was A LOT of history that my teachers never went over. Mainly all I learned about growing up was American history, so needless to say the gaps were quite big. One of the first things I learned about was the inventor by the name of Nikola Tesla. I grew up only hearing about Edison and "his" accomplishments. I never heard a peep about Telsa in my history classes. I also had never heard of Leif Erikson, who was actually the first person to reach North America (not Columbus, who did it 400 years AFTER Leif). Little did I realize this was not even the tip of the iceberg in terms of information I didn't get growing up.

 Now living in an age of easily accessible digital information I'm doing a lot more reading then I ever did as a kid in class. It's been a fascinating topic to readdress, but then I discovered HH. Horrible Histories uses humor and re-written rock songs (such as "Charles Darwin" singing a new rendition of Bowie's "Changes") to deliver historical facts in an entertaining and grotesque way. The rock songs they reworked are really spot on. They do a great job of referencing and embodying bands like the Sex Pistols, The Smiths and The Monkees. The songs also make it even easier to learn and retain information. There is a lot of clever stuff on this show, like "Historical Wife Swap", "Stupid Deaths" and historical characters using the internet. I wish I had this when I was a kid!

Some of my favorites!