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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Turning old record sleeves into preserved guitar pick jewelry!

 After years of collecting records I have a fair amount that are just the beat up sleeves I got in a bargain bin at just about anywhere. Instead of it just sitting on the shelf, I strategically cut them out with my Pick Punch and turned them into guitar pick pendants for earrings and tie clips! This is an awesome way to preserve the album art in a way you can utilize for fashion any day. Also as a music fan, it's exciting to create them and fun to sell them to other fans like myself. What I create some what depends on the materials I these (above) for example were made from a somewhat beat up -cheap Queen album sleeve I found. The images behind them are left over pieces of the album. I try not to butcher ones in perfectly good shape, but beat up album sleeves I consider fair game. Now that I have figured out how to do this I'm going to do this with many more album sleeves and fliers.

I'm about to open two new sections of my Etsy shop, one for these new Queen guitar pick earrings and the ability for people to custom order hand made ones! Still figuring out the best way to do the second one, so I'll keep you guys posted. 

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Justin Levitt said...

That is so cool! And a great way to upcycle. Do you also make guitar pick necklaces out of record sleeves?

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