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Thursday, July 6, 2017

My Record Collection

 I started collecting records before I had a record player. From the beginning I always had the idea that one day I would get one. When I was 18-19 I finally got my first record player. The small stacks of vinyl that I had could finally be played. And from there my love for records was ignited. there was so much more to records that I didn't realize at the time.

 There's something truly special about a record; from the artwork on the sleeve to the vinyl itself. There are so many nuances on a record sleeve that I didn't notice until a deep examination. People like me love records for one main reason, they are something tangible that you can hold, collect and reference to. An album is a piece of art that sometimes comes with posters, cut outs, or a booklet with unique photos. This is something you just can't get from a digital file. It's something that a lot of young people these days aren't getting to experience. 

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I found this at Urban Ore and thought it was cool.
Took it to the register to buy and they let me have it for free.

 While photographing my records I noticed something on my Ramones album that I never noticed before. "Lent for promotional use only" Thankfully I could Google it and quickly found not only am I in the clear but the laws have changed. In 2011 a "decision that the sale of so-called promo records — usually advance copies of new releases sent to music critics and radio stations by record labels — does NOT violate copyright laws." This was a relief, because for a second I thought I could have accidentally did something wrong. 

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